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The library contains comic panels, and comics scanned in entirety, currently focused on late 1970s/early 1980s Invincible Iron Man.

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Arousal hit Lazarus like a lightning strike, and for a brief moment, his mind whirls in a thousand possibilities, each of them carnal, before he shivers and clears his head, with a blush. He looks at Phil, biting his lip, as aw and wonder fill him, as he wonders how on earth he even got Phil to look his way.
Phil flattened his hands to his desk and pushed himself up, proud that his movements are easy and graceful in spite of the feelings hammering him and the fucking clamor inside his head. He dipped into his desk drawer and remoted his office windows, all of them fading slightly as a oneway tint turned on. That done he dropped the remote and walked across his office, closing and locking his office door and turning to look at Laz, smiling a little.
Then he’s across the room again, cradling Laz’s face with both hands and pulling him into one of the hungriest kisses of his life.