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The library contains comic panels, and comics scanned in entirety, currently focused on late 1970s/early 1980s Invincible Iron Man.

Meta Tumblr (open / @marksmanbarton)

It was one of those silly hobbies Phil had never meant to taken up. The circumstances at the beginning had been beyond stupid in his opinion: he’d been laid up with food poisoning. Yes, Phil Coulson, who could eat off street food carts around the world and enjoy doing so, had gotten food poisoning, and from a local restaurant at that. So much for his iron gut. He’d been out of action over a week and on day two he was so bored he could write Vogon poetry on the topic.

How the hell he’d ended up on the site he didn’t even know but the idea of text based role play was enough to engage his mind in that moment. So, BoltActionAssassin had come to be. The background image was a blood splatter on white, there was plenty of gun porn and he could be as realistically violent as he cared. He took care that any pictures never included the “face” of his character. He figured it’d just be a way to amuse himself for a week, but the morning he returned to work it became a bookmark on his work computer because he’d looked at his follower count and been … amused. Amused was a good word for it.

It became one of those hobbies that filled in dead time, fast to pick up and put down. He kept it mostly to lunch at work because he was somewhat professional after all. Still, there were occasionally lulls and sometimes he didn’t feel like getting ahead on paperwork.

..most of the job was waiting. Impatient men didn’t last when you could be in position and nearly immobile for hours if not days. But what most found to be boredom he found to be anticipation. He wasn’t even using a scope this time, just the gun sights, having found a nest that would let him use one of his personal favorites. The well tended wood was warm in his hands, hat backwards on his head and just breathing through the moments, cheek resting on the stock and watching the building across from him. It was..

“Phil, you busy?” draft .. “No, Jasper, what’s up?”

"We just got some new weapons in the armory, thought you’d want a heads-up."

"Oh, of course! Anything interesting?" Phil grinned and stood, leaving his computer how it was and following Jasper to the armory.

((This was an idea I’d discussed with marksmanbarton but heck, if anyone else wants to respond to it somehow, why not?))