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The library contains comic panels, and comics scanned in entirety, currently focused on late 1970s/early 1980s Invincible Iron Man.
Who the fuck do you think you are? I don't need no goddamn help. (oh young Clint)



"I don’t know, that could be argued." Phil stepped over the prone form of the man he’d just clotheslined, walking up to Clint at an amble. "And I am a man doing my job."

Clint didn’t like the idea of not using his own gear but said nothing.  ”And who exactly is ‘we’ and ‘us’?” Clint asked. “Last I heard Kingfisher worked alone.”  

The younger had a needling feeling that this stranger might not actually be Kingfisher.  Someone posing as him maybe? No one rally knew what he looked like anyways.  And why would he join a company of black suits?  Blackmail?  No that threat rarely held any real weight in their line of work considering they, at least the really good ones, could disappear at the drop of a hat.

"I like to let that rumor continue. It’s good for my reputation, besides, if it got out I worked for the government it wouldn’t look good for anyone would it?" Phil replied cooly. "Most of my career, I never worked alone. These days, I have what staff I ask for."

He walked to a black sedan, beeping it open. “We are SHIELD. Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.”

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Lazarus pelted into the bedroom he shared with Phil, blitzcrieging onto the bed with an exhilarated whoop. “PHIL WE’RE GOING HOME TODAY ARE YOU NOT EXCITE?” The younger male demanded, practically bouncing off the walls in his glee, like a third grader on PCP.

"Jesus FUCKING..!" and Phil’s been bounced off the bed, crashing to the floor. "Ow.. ow… I did not stick that landing.." He groaned, getting up with effort. "Yes, I’m excited. Glad to see you are."

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"It is okay, Buck."

"It is okay, Buck."

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Time to get munny

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  1.  What’s your name? Amy
  2. When is your birthday? June 10
  3. Where are you from? *begin Christopher Lambert* Lots of different places *end Christopher Lambert*
  4. Have a crush? I don’t think so.
  5. What’s your favorite color? dark red
  6. Write something in caps? ION CHAMBERS
  7. Got a favorite band/artist? Yes. Many.
  8. Favorite number? < 0.2
  9. Favorite drink? Hot Tea
  10. Tag ten people: Meh I’m too sleep dep’ed to bother

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Phil’s comment caught Lucky off guard but she still smiled at it. 

"I am learning so much about you today DC," Skye said as she raised an eyebrow, "Is there anything else I should know? Is Coulson your real name?" 

Phil has to take a moment, staring at Skye in incomprehension.

"Let me see if I have this right. The fact that you just found out I’m bisexual is now making you decide I’ve never told you the truth?" He’s baffled. "Why the hell would I have ever brought up my sexuality before this? Why does it matter in the first place? Yes, Coulson is my real name, and I happen to appreciate both innies and outies from time to time. Good gods almighty you have no room to talk, miss run off and screw the guy we wanted to arrest."

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"How could you disappoint me? You’re amazing." Phil blurted, lacing his arms tighter around Clint, pressing in as tight as he can.

Clint started to reply but Phil’s arm’s wrapping around his tightly elicited a gasp and a wince from the younger.  His stitches didn’t appreciate the pressure and made it known.

"Oh shit! Sorry. Sorry." He released the tight grip and leaned back, looking appalled. "God I’m so sorry, I should have thought that out."


but when girls have sex on their back dont their boobs just like

punch them in the face

that seems awful


Its possible, however, gravity will pull natural breasts down, so they’ll tend to relax toward the armpits no matter how perky they are in another position.

You’d have to be very well endowed/have implants and be having some VERY energetic sex to get faceplanted in your tits. Or be on a wedge pillow so your hips are rather higher than your head.

I am an adult natural bcup female so other experiences are welcome to chime in.

Your character walks in on mine having a violent flashback and is forced to pin them down for both of their safety. Send me, ‘wake up’ for my character’s reaction/coming to with yours still on top of them.

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OOC: Totally pervy adult idea for the next part of my Sentinel series?

How about a break from all the drama for the boys going out clubbing with Clint and Phil and maybe some really exhibitionist sex?


Seriously tell me if this is sleep dep talking or this might be awesome.

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