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I am 100% Hate Anon free.

The library contains comic panels, and comics scanned in entirety, currently focused on late 1970s/early 1980s Invincible Iron Man.

In this household we are equal opportunity about archers.

Discussions with my muse in a comic book store..

Me: Don’t have this HawkEye.

Phil: Need.

Me: .. and I should get some more DC in my library and continue Green Arrow.

Phil: Also need.

Me: … is this a fetish?

Phil: No.

Me: Bullshit. What is it with you and archers?

Phil: I don’t collect archers I collect marksmen.

Me: Who happen to be archers.

Phil: Whatever. they’re mine.

Me: You can’t have both.

Phil: Try and stop me.

So basically, if you’re a Green Arrow RP’er, stay away if you don’t want to be added to the list of people Phil’s keeping an eye on.




"Our children will be deadly little hellions?" Vivianne looked at him with a amused smile, plate with a slice of pie on it for him. "I think I like that actually."



"Oh they’ll have manners." Phil looked up and smiled. "They just shouldn’t be crossed and they can look after themselves and think for themselves. I’m thinking, oh, Wednesday Addams. Is that pie for me?"

Vivianne could already see them relaxing there, it was just so beautiful to her. She wasn’t always one for luxuries, though she did have a taste for the expensive, but these little things made her happier than an expensive resort ever could. Especially with Phil. “Well its beautiful, I can’t wait to see it in person.”

She kissed him again and again, laughing between them. “Let’s hope to keep it as happy as possible. Oh, I’ve started looking for work again. Not my old job, a teacher position now. Something a bit more legal and not so frowned upon. What do you think? Am I teacher material?”

"I think you are." Phil agreed. "Do you have a degree in teaching, or will you be returning to school?" He’s honestly not sure, they’re still learning some of the basics about each other. "Either way the world needs good teachers, and I can help you with lesson plans or grading if you want a hand."

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Exploring (@ heelsandagun)


She turn and smiled at him, leaning down to kiss him softly. “Good morning darling. Before I suffocate you with my hair, would you like some breakfast or wait a while?”

"Want me to braid it for you?" He offered. "I know a few braids. Not many but I can french braid and herringbone." He sat up and stretched, something in his back popping. "Why don’t we make breakfast together?"

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Just another day in the life of…


She smiled as Phil got a legendary bird pokemon. “Don’t they use backwards grammar in a lot of languages?” Darcy inquired as the timer counted down. She grabbed a paper fan and started to whack anything that got too close. “You know, I think I knew that bit about Jackarrta. Dude, street slang is where its at. Thats what I liked learning. Didn’t really remember much of it but I remember having fun.”

He’s chuckling at her pronunciation of Jakarta. “Well, depends on the languages. It’s not that uncommon, really English is a bastard of a language. One of the hardest to learn in the whole world.”

He had to smile. “I like being able to swear in a lot of languages. And eavesdrop.”

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Darcy just looked at Phil for a while before her lips started to curve into a slow grin. “Does a bear shit in the woods Phil? Yes I want to!” She started to walk faster to the car. “I live on Lexington Ave. and East 36 street.”

"Bears tend to shit wherever they happen to be. Who’s going to argue with them?" Phil replied philosophically, leading the way to the car.

Once they’re both in he folded the flight controls on, starting the car then switching to the flight engines. “Buckle in and brace. It’s pretty graceful for a vehicle that only flies by brute force but that’s all comparative.

Arrangement Sentinel AU (@govthookercoulson)


Milo eventually made himself comfortable nestled on the pillow beside Clint’s head.  The younger sighed and rolled his eyes at the hawk, though his presence was appreciated.

"Guess so," he murmured, looking back at Spartacus and wanting to run his fingers through the lion’s mane but settled for reaching beside him and rubbing Milo’s head, enjoying the feeling of the soft feathers.

Spartacus left his post at the window and walked to the bed, climbing up onto the bed and stretching out full length, huge front paws kneading the pillow on the other side of Clint’s head.

"He’s a big galoot." Phil chuckled.

Post hearing relaxation (bartonstrickarrows)


Clint nodded as his breathing slowly evened out.  The archer nipped at Phil’s tongue in response to its prodding, still playing stubborn, but opened a little for his handler.

He chuckled and grabbed Clint’s shirt, rolling them and putting Cilnt over him. He didn’t even break the kiss, cupping Clint’s jaw tenderly.

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Batroc followed beside him, waiting to see movement come from in front of them as well as any noise coming from behind. “Oui, is the best option we have.”

Phil gave up about half a dozen steps forward and settled into more of a march, eventually seeing a door at the end of the hall. “This is the most idiotic architecture ever.” He muttered, walking up to the door and knocking.

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"Exactly." Brock replied, casually flying the jet in the direction of the base. "We won’t know till we get there, should investigate the lights anyway if it looks like a pattern."

Triplett nodded. “Just a few hours of time before we get to find out if we were paranoid or something interesting is going on. I miss the Bus.” He sighed, moving to sit on one of the benches.